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The Taste of Creativity

Take a colourful journey with Creative Blocks. This whole-grain, chocolate-filed cereal pillow will take you to places beyond your imagination and unlock your true creative potential.

Creative Blocks are aimed at creatives and adults looking to expand their morning breakfast routine with a little bit of fun and chocolatey goodness.

Designer Maurizio Inward

Where to Begin

With a world of possibilities to choose from where does one even decide to start?

Well we all start our day with breakfast, so I guess we’ll start there. With a starting point in mind it was time to tackle an issue with our breakfast, and being in the creative industry, why not make something that helps creatives.

And that’s how Creative Blocks cereal was born. A cereal to unleash that inner creativity and beat those creative blocks.

A Box Bursting with Creativity

Our main task was to create a brand of cereal that would stand out on shelves that are filled with colour and endless variety of cereals. And what stands out in a sea of colour…white. So we had the idea to design the box with mainly white and high contrasting elements.

But it didn’t end there, we needed the box to be memorable. That’s where Huee came in, our glamorous mascot. With Huee as out main attraction we could then start to build around him.

Bowl, Cereal, Milk

With all the ideas settled and a nice blank white box in front of us, we started to get to work.

We planned the box around our very own mascot, Huee. With Huee’s memorable face and adorable eyes, he was a shoe-in to make the box stand out. But we couldn’t just have him standing there, he needed to be enjoying the cereal just like the customers would.

This gave us the opportunity to show the cereal in action as well, and add a bit more colour into the box. While Huee enjoyed the cereal on the box we added an explosion of colour to represent the creativity burst you get once you start eating the cereal.

And lastly the back of the box, like a newspaper in 90’s, everyone reads the back of a cereal. So we thought it would be a good idea to add some design tips to there, to give you that extra push of creativity.

The Journey

Before you first grab the box, the pop of colour grabs your attention, the name peeks your interest, and then something special happens… You put the box in your cart and bring it home for the first amazing taste of your new cereal.

The eye-catching box is just the beginning of your journey, once you pour the cereal into your bowl and start munching, a whole new world opens up.

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