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GHM Group is a South African based consultancy business, focussing on, Organisational Development, Talent Management and Skills Enhancement.

In 2019, they found themselves at a crossroad. Their brand identity and website were outdated and lacked the vibrancy needed to resonate with their audience. Furthermore, the increasing demand for online training prompted the need for a robust online learning platform. In addition, their social media presence required a revamp to attract new clients while providing valuable insights to their audience.

Breathing New Life

Our agency stepped in to address these challenges head-on. With a clear understanding of GHM Group’s objectives, our task was twofold – breathe new life into their brand identity and website, and develop an intuitive online learning platform named mtvtd. Additionally, our social media management aimed to engage the audience with educational and motivational content while attracting potential clients.



Modern & Sleek

The journey began with a comprehensive update of GHM Group’s brand identity. While preserving some key elements, we infused a fresh and contemporary look, aligning with their vision for a modernised image. The redesigned website followed suit, offering visitors a glimpse into GHM Group’s offerings, values, and mission.




The development of mtvtd was a pivotal moment in GHM Group’s digital transformation. Designed to be accessible and user-friendly, the platform housed a wealth of learning materials, lessons, and interactive quizzes. This initiative aimed to elevate the learning experience for GHM Group’s clients, meeting the growing demand for online training solutions.
Our social media strategy aimed to attract new clients while also providing value to our existing audience. To achieve this, we focused on creating educational and motivational content that reflects GHM Group’s new brand identity. Our posts offered practical life skills and motivation to our followers.

Digital Transformation

The results spoke volumes. The revamped website garnered praise for its modern look and user-friendly interface, effectively communicating GHM Group’s expertise and offerings. mtvtd exceeded expectations, becoming a cornerstone of GHM Group’s training initiatives and a testament to its effectiveness.