Kerston Foods

Web Designer & Creative Lead Marco Inward
Graphic Designer Maurizio Inward

Kerston Foods, a distinguished food distributor headquartered in Cape Town, has been catering to the needs of the food service industry in the Western Cape since its establishment. Boasting a wide range of dry, chilled, and frozen food products, Kerston Foods has been a reliable partner for businesses seeking quality ingredients.

It was evident that Kerston Foods needed a rejuvenation – a fresh perspective to invigorate its brand and enhance its online presence. With over two decades of experience in the industry, Kerston Foods was ready to take its business to the next level. That’s where our agency stepped in.

Keeping it Fresh

Upon discussions with Kerston Foods, it became evident that while they excelled in supplying top-notch products, their digital presence needed a significant overhaul. Their website was outdated and failed to capture the vibrancy and dynamism of their offerings. Moreover, their marketing efforts needed refinement to attract new orders and showcase their promotions effectively.

Led by a shared vision of growth and excellence, our agency embarked on a mission to revitalise Kerston Foods’ website and marketing. The task at hand was crystal clear: create a user-friendly, interactive website that reflects the company’s ethos and values while enhancing their marketing materials to attract and engage customers effectively.

Just a Pinch of Greatness

Drawing inspiration from Kerston Foods’ commitment to quality and innovation, we delved into research and strategy development. Our aim was to capture the essence of Kerston Foods and tailor our approach to resonate with their target audience.

We conceptualised and designed a website that not only showcased their products and promotions but also provided valuable resources such as recipes and blog posts. The website was designed to be intuitive and easy to navigate, ensuring a seamless user experience for both existing and potential customers.



Throughout the process, communication and collaboration were key. We worked closely with Kerston Foods to ensure that every aspect of the brand identity and website design aligned with their vision and goals. The result was a website that not only met but exceeded expectations – a modern, visually appealing platform that effectively showcased Kerston Foods’ offerings and strengthened their brand presence in the market.

To Perfection

With the new website and enhanced marketing materials in place, Kerston Foods experienced a noticeable increase in website traffic and engagement. Customers responded positively to the refresh, and we saw a significant uptick in website traffic.

In the end, our agency delivered more than just a website – we delivered a strategic solution that propelled Kerston Foods forward in the competitive food service industry. Together, we achieved a result that we are all proud of – a revitalised brand and online presence that sets Kerston Foods apart as a leader in the market.