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Pundit Projects is a innovative event production company headed by Lesego Madikong, who has 16 years experience in staging and broadcasting of live events. The Pundit team does spectacular work, and we were so happy when they approached us to help take their Brand Identity, Website and Social platforms to the next level.

Creative Director & Designer Marco Inward
Graphic Designer Maurizio Inward
Social Media Manager Tyler Capper

Time To Go Big, Not Home.

As Pundit Projects continued its amazing trajectory of growth, they realised it was time that their business got a well-deserved upgrade. Something that would resonate with the stellar work they were doing, and something that appealed to their ever-growing repertoire of high-end clients.

They had a logo, a basic letterhead and presentation template, and a Facebook page.

We had a lot of work ahead of us.


All The Things, All At Once.

This was a full rebrand and upgrade for Pundit. The brief entailed modernising the brand and giving it a strong, but minimal presence, putting focus on the events and projects they work on. One of the main requests was to keep the variety of colour and incorporate it more throughout the identity (their old logo was very colourful).

After getting the Brand Identity established, the next task would be creating a pretty unique website that involved no scrolling — a tricky one, but one that was executed with much success.

And finally, once the first two were established, the marketing could begin. We would eventually be tasked with taking over their social media platforms. Managing their accounts,  developing a content strategy and calendar, creating the content and more.

Creativity. Adobe. Action.

The heading oversimplifies, of course. We wanted to ensure that we captured Lesego’s vision for Pundit as best we could. As we said, they work with some high-end clients, on quite big projects (check them out). So, we hit the drawing board.

Bold. Colourful. Minimal. This translated to us like this: Sans-Serif. Gradients. Whitespace. Or in this case, blackspace; since black was the base and main colour we went with for the brand. We felt this would give us the best opportunity to create an exciting atmosphere with the colour palette, as we could use them more effectively as sources of “light” or glow through the use of the gradients.



The Sans-Serif font, Proxima Nova, offered a wide variety of weights to work with. Since we wanted the presence to be bold, and strong, the majority of font use is weighted heavy, but having the thinner variants gave us great contrast in all the designs we would create going forward.



The photography style was already established. It follows suit with the general vibe you’d get from large events. The one piece of direction we could offer was to capture more content around the production of the events, for instance, take more photos of the stages and the light and sound setups — give people visual insight into the things that go into creating these epic events, instead of only showcasing the result, as much as that’s also important.

Besides the visual identity, we also established a Tone of Voice and Brand Personality for Pundit, and helped develop their brand strategy, mission and vision and assisted in establishing their core values.


Welcome To The Digital World

Once we were all happy with the Brand Identity, we got to move onto their first website. Their first official footprint on the digital landscape.

We decided to build this out on WordPress. We’ve been using the platform for our websites for the longest time and we’ve learnt so much over the years as we, and WordPress and its community, have grown. The main reason for choosing WordPress as the platform was because of it’s content management system and how we knew it would serve us throughout the growth of Pundit, as that would be the main purpose of the website: to showcase the events they produce in a big way.

But, instead of us talking about this part of the project, head over to their site and experience the work we did first hand.


The Grand Finale.

It all came together. That’s really the best way we can put it. We were happy, sure, but it was the satisfaction of the team over and Pundit that had us really giddy.

Lesego and his team have been embracing their identity fully and wholeheartedly. We continue assisting them with their social media efforts, garnering engagement and excitement around their past projects and upcoming events.

Since starting our partnership in 2020, Pundit and MI Creative have grown together, increasing reach across their social channels, creating unity and consistency in their brand and marketing materials, and we’ve even recently completed a second iteration of their website aimed at producing and offering more content, and educating potential clients and like-minded people in the industry of event and experiential production.

We hope you enjoyed scrolling through this project with us — we sure did. And remember, we’re here if you need. Just drop us a message!