Response One Ghana


Response One is a leading provider of fire and security solutions for homes and businesses in Ghana. Their services include the installation and maintenance of smart intruder and panic alarm systems, CCTV as well as monitoring of fire alarms.

With over 20 years of experience in the industry, Response One has a proven track record of providing high-quality remote monitoring, security and fire services to their clients. And now, they wanted to look the part too.

Creative Director Marco Inward
Graphic Designer Maurizio Inward

Attention to Growth

Response One found itself in the middle of a growth-spurt. Expanding its sales team, its reach and its service offering. And, with all this growth, they knew they needed to ensure their business and brand was ready to resonate with their clients and audiences in a more effective way.

With only having redesigned their logo recently, they knew they needed expand on their entire brand identity.



Extract, Expand, Elevate

We were tasked with expanding the Response One Brand Identity. This meant creating new marketing collateral, updating their vehicle fleet branding and getting new uniforms and merchandise, among other things.

The brief was straight forward, with the unique challenge of geographical distance: Response One is based in Ghana. This distance meant extra attention needed to be given to efficient communication and collaboration. Lucky for us, and them, we’re great at keeping an open line of communication, and being a digitally-based Agency, this wasn’t something we were worried about.

Our goal was not only to maintain the brand’s consistency but also to ensure that the physical implementations of the brand identity resonated with its digital presence, effectively capturing the essence of Response One’s identity on a tangible, real-world scale.


Concepts, Mockups, Smiles

With a clear plan on what we needed to do, we got to work.

We started with concepts. Concepts of their vehicles, their signage, banners and billboards, flyers and their uniforms. These concepts all came to life through a stunning presentation of mockups,  allowing them to see how things would come together in the real world.

We paid special attention to their colour palette and font choices, which they provided to us through their brand toolbox. We wanted them to stand out, but without being bombastic — to be seen and heard in a modern and thoughtful way.




Staying Connected, Stay Protected

In the end, we delivered a robust brand and marketing package for Response One that helped accentuate their identity and solidify their presence as a market-leader in residential and commercial fire and security solutions.

The completed branding package left a lasting impression on Response One. The meticulously designed elements collectively spoke to their core values and essence. Notably, the final outcomes went above and beyond their expectations, capturing the visual elements, and the heart and soul of their brand identity. And has resulted in a continued, fruitful relationship — so keep your eyes peeled for what comes next.